Coin Listing

IECX Coin Listing

IECX currently operates with Bitcoin, Ether and Investment Evolution Coin trading and is accepting applications for other high quality cryptocurrency tokens and coins to be listed on IECX.

If you are a new or existing token or coin that would like to be listed on IECX, please complete the coin listing application form below and a member of our review team will get back to you.

Fill the Coin Listing Form

A team member or shareholder holding more than 10% of the company, must have their identity verified on IEC
Should be self-explanatory
What makes your currency different than the hundreds of others floating around?
3-5 letter ticker that will represent your coin forever. No numbers allowed.
Must be submitted in PNG format with a transparent background. You should have a slick-looking logo.
if your coin will or already ran an ICO.
if ICO
How much coins are mined or available for supply?
What is the initial price of the coin/token?
IEC requires the source code for their due diligence. They will not accept binary
For ERC-20 Token
Provide the link IEC User License