Investor Relations

Key Details

Name: Investment Evolution Corporation
Seychelles Company Number: 217938
Share code: IEC
Share price: The IEC closing share price on MERJ Exchange can be viewed at:
Country of Incorporation: Incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles
Registered Address:

105 First Floor

Waterside Property

Eden Island,


Trading Address:

106 First Floor

Waterside Property

Eden Island,


Securities Exchange Listings:

Investment Evolution Corporation is listed on the Main Board of the MERJ Exchange (Seychelles).

More information about MERJ Exchange can be found on its website:

Notifications and Publications

All market notifications and publications can be found at:


Financial Statements

Calendar of Events

31 December 2021: annual reporting date
4 May 2022: 2021 Annual General Meeting
9 May 2022: IEC Rights Issue Circular
13 May 2022: IEC Rights Issue opening date
15 June 2022: IEC Rights Issue closing date
30 June 2022: IEC Rights Issue Results
30 June 2022: interim reporting date
31 December 2022: annual reporting date

Business Activities

Investment Evolution Corporation (MERJ: IEC) is the Seychelles parent holding company of a group of fintech companies whose main business activities are consumer loans.

The group has been operating in the consumer finance industry in the United States since 2010 via licensed subsidiary Investment Evolution Corporation dba Mr. Amazing Loans (MRAL), which provides $5,000 - $10,000 USD online personal loans.

IEC also provides €1,000 and €2,000 online consumer loans in Spain, via subsidiary Investment Evolution UAB under the consumer brand IEC Credit.

Share Capital

As at 30 June 2022, 859,249,558 Ordinary Shares are in issue and 12.47% of the Ordinary Shares in issue are not in public hands (held by IEC Directors and 100% owned subsidiary company Investment Evolution Ltd.).

Significant shareholders

Shareholder Number of Shares Percentage
Paul Mathieson 398,901,635 46.42%
Sameer Prasad 106,854,330 12.44%
Dr Prasad Superannuation Fund 47,555,475 5.53%
Muda Jake Trust 27,830,000 3.24%
RestNPlay SMSF 26,900,137 3.13%
Firecrest Estates Limited 26,257,825 3.06%


Chairman Sam Prasad
Director Andrew Cassar
Director Glendys Aguilera


Company Secretary

Andrew Cassar

Dragonara Business Centre

5th Floor

Dragonara Road

St Julian’s STJ 3141


Sponsor Advisor

PKF Capital Markets (Seychelles) Limited

104, First Floor,

Waterside Property,

Eden Island,



Baker Tilly 1st Floor,

CyberTower One

Ebene 72201